creator of the original animal hats that sparked a worldwide "inspiration", Urban avantgarde wearables, special costumes, handmade bags. Designed and produced by Uta Brauser


With Art playing an important role in human evolution, the creative and innovative spirit manifests itself in fashion statements and wearable expressions.

This collection of storytelling visuals through video mapped projections onto costumes exploring a 4th dimension
or the unexpected use of discarded products to extend the material's life, each creation narrates with a poetic or philosophical approach to fashion.
Uta Brauser

 Animation design, projections: Kaliptus, performers Caridad Rivera, Kaycee Schweickert,
Janice Ducate, Uta Brauser

Sample sale, Feb 19, Secret project Robot,
389 Melrose ave, Bushwick  1 - 7 pm
samples by designer Uta Brauser:
-outragious taxidermy hats with real fur,  in coyote, raccoon and skunk,
-fake and real bird hats  in price ranges between $150 and $550
-bird dresses   in stretchy mesh with appliques, $ 120 - 160
-ponchos, shawls  with fur tails  $100 - 300
-bird shawls   fabrics, feathers  $120 - 300
-skirts with geometric "pentagon random" trim  $  450
-geometric pentagon sculptural shawls in felt  $85 - 150
-plarn head pieces  $ 150 - 300
-dresses and tops with plastic sack elements $80 - 150
-fingerprint skirts and dresses $45 - 150

designer Wickett Ophelia
-flutters (sculptural ear wear) $ 75 - 310

designer Kaliptus
-limited edition Tees with his contemportary graphics $30 - 60
       photo  Marofoto

                                                                            photo  Anna Almquist 
                                                        Pamela Hope art, photography

Reb'l flutters by Wickett Ophelia, 
Reb'l flutters