creator of the original animal hats that sparked a worldwide "inspiration", Urban avantgarde wearables, special costumes, handmade bags. Designed and produced by Uta Brauser

art wear mermaid parade

to get ready for the mermaid parade (june 18 2011)
besides a few costume pieces you need

it will be the body art that makes the outfit!
Uta Brauser's imaginative and artful recreation of patterns, colors to express
scales, suction cups, tentacles, surface patterns of sea creatures

meet us at the Mermaid Parade on 20th street and Surf avenue to get prepped.

make an appointment: 646 573 7164, call, text
from 10 am until..
the colors are safe body paints, all washable with water and soap, no grease.

Become your own performance art piece