creator of the original animal hats that sparked a worldwide "inspiration", Urban avantgarde wearables, special costumes, handmade bags. Designed and produced by Uta Brauser

got Armor ?

Using fashion as a wearable art expression, Uta Brauser is presenting on the runway stage
with the Williamsburg Fashion Weekend Feb 2013 a line of bullet proof gear combined with a playful take on armor to instigate the continued dialog and activism against gun rights.
Got Armor video runway Williamsburg Fashion Weekend
Alex Psyraider, Caridad Rivera, Janice Ducate, Rodina Mikhail, Yoshan Churnov, Angela, Lee Wilson, Andres John Freeman, Samuel Gato
my amazing crew!

our official shooter

the today's contemporary female portrait: in protective gear, bulletproof vest.

undergarment bullet proof vest

playful take on armor, baroque skirt and bodice

space age Uta Brauser style

midieval style shield mask
space age velvet dress

protection mask

T-shirt graphic
T shirt on model with armored pants

T-shirt graphic, Human rights in bulletproof vest

bring'em on

space age Urban male by Uta Brauser