creator of the original animal hats that sparked a worldwide "inspiration", Urban avantgarde wearables, special costumes, handmade bags. Designed and produced by Uta Brauser

catalog for fundraiser

For school fundraising
these hats are available for the fundraisers this fall.
I will donate 25% to the schools that I raise funds for.
LCCS in Jersey City.
1a polar bear
1b brown bear
2 piggy
3 fleece ear
4a pink bear
4b barbie bear
5 gorilla
6 shark
7 wolf
8 T-rex
9 cat
10 rhino

Fall 2009

There are a few new hat styles and lots of pix of this year's fake furs for the
ear hat with lining. They are always limited editions. Available as supplies last.

Celebrate the silly in everyone, your inner child.